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Lease Buyout Overcharge Claims

Dealerships are Overcharging Consumers Hundreds if not Thousands of Dollars to Buyout their Leased Vehicles

Were you overcharged to buyout your lease?

You could be entitled to Financial Compensation.

Ever since the COVID19 pandemic took hold of our day-to-day lives, the automobile industry (and particularly car dealerships) began to suffer from inventory shortages. In addition, as many lessees drove their vehicles much less than ever before, buying out a leased vehicle became a smart financial choice for many consumers. In turn, many unscrupulous car dealerships took this as an opportunity to purloin additional profit from unsuspecting consumers by tacking on a plethora of junk fees and in some instances outright inflating the buyout price by several thousand dollars.

What Dealerships Cannot Do.

Simply put, a car dealership cannot charge a consumer more than the amount disclosed in the original lease agreement, plus any buyout option fees disclosed in the original lease agreement.

What Compensation Consumers may be Entitled to

If successful, a consumer may be entitled a refund of any overcharged amount up to $2,000 in statutory damages, plus the recovery of their attorney’s fees and costs from the at fault parties.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to low inventory in the automotive industry, many car dealerships have been left scrambling to find alternate ways to turn a profit. This has led many dealerships to overcharge consumers to buyout their leased vehicles at the end of the lease or charging improper fees that were not disclosed in the lease agreement itself.

If you have a claim, you may be entitled to a refund of any improperly assessed fees/overcharges and up to $2,000 in statutory damages.

We offer a free document review via email at no charge to you. We just ask that you send clear scans of the relevant documents (not pictures/screenshots).

A clear scan of your initial lease agreement, clear scans of any extension documents you signed, a clear scan of the buyer’s order form when you bought out the leased vehicle and a clear scan of the retail installment sales contract if you financed the buyout.

You can reach out to your lease servicer for a copy of the lease agreement and you can reach out to the dealership for a copy of your buyer’s order form and retail installment sales contract. In addition, you can contact your lender for a copy of your retail installment sales contract.

The statute of limitations expires one year from the end of your lease. Time is not on your side so act fast!

If we determine you have a viable claim, we will not charge you upfront for representation. We seek the recovery of your attorneys fees from the defendants. No recovery, no attorney’s fees due.

If we determine you have a viable claim, we will advance costs on your behalf which will be deducted from the first funds received in any settlement or judgment in which we obtain a recovery on your behalf. No recovery, no fees due.

You will likely have minimal involvement throughout the pendency of your matter, however, you must be willing and able to assist your attorneys if they ask you to participate. This may include attending a deposition (which is a question and answer session under oath) as well as review and assist in responding to legal documents.

Given the delays in the legal system, your matter may take anywhere from 4 to 12 months to reach a resolution. Some matters may resolve faster, others may take more time, depending on a multitude of factors outside of the control of your attorneys.

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